Monday, March 2, 2009

The Steelhead Train

The steelhead train on the Wallowa river out of Minam,OR. Incredible experience and plenty of fish to go around. We booked three nights(FEB 19-22) at the Minam Hotel, great place and great people. The rooms are clean,dry and warm. Availability can be limited you must book early for the steelhead run (mid Feb thru the end of Mar). You have plenty of fishing options that range from a hike or train ride down river(booked at the hotel), a drive up river were the main highway follows the river to the town of Wallowa, or just fish right behind the hotel. The river was low at the time we were there, not floatable in a drift boat(130cfs), but always navigable in a pontoon boat. The best floats are up river to the mill and float back to the hotel or as we did float down river and have the train pick us up at a place called Kimmel, approx 8 mi down river. The water varies from deep holes, to skinny riffles and chutes, and some great swing water. Most fishing here seemed to be done with conventional gear such as bobber and jig, but there was plenty of success with the fly(stones, eggs, anything black, purple, or blue on the swing). A great time was had by all that went and the staff at the hotel are very knowledgeable about the river and do an exceptional job catering to the fisherman. If your looking for another shot at steelhead in the winter this place is a great option. Any questions please feel free to send an email to attn Scott Lewis and I will be happy to answer them.

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  1. One day I will get of fishing for steelhead. Great blog! You got a new follower